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Domus is the University of Edinburgh’s dedicated landlord and student letting service.

As Domus is part of the University of Edinburgh, our specialists know the city and the student rental market inside-out. We have over 20 years of property management experience and look after more than 300 properties for our clients.

With guaranteed rental income, no hidden fees, lease flexibility and a stress-free full service from our Domus team, why delay? Start the process of letting your property with us today!



Letting made easy with Domus

Once your property is let there are a number of ongoing landlord regulations that must be adhered to. Our service is specifically designed to absorb these pressures and concerns, creating a level of trust between the landlord and the tenants, ensuring a smooth lease term.

We are the primary contact for tenants and in the event of a complaint or repair request, we ensure that our contractors deal with the issue efficiently and professionally and keep you up to date with relevant information.


Why choose Domus?

  • Full service
  • Every aspect of your property’s tenancy taken care of
  • Guaranteed rental income
  • Monthly payments made in advance
  • Transparent fee structure
  • No hidden fees, commission or extras
  • Lease flexibility – 9/12 months (all property must be available from early September to 31 May)
  • The University of Edinburgh is your tenant
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